AyPee with his Mentor hat on

As your mentor, what will you get?

Clarity and advanced Rapport skills.

We will produce a well-designed plan and overall strategy to get you where you want to go, quicker and with greater ease. You will use less of your own resources. Acquire new resources. Increase efficiency. Save time and money. Understand more. Develop the ability to create and design much quicker.

Knowledge and skills tempered with 33 years of corporate experience, 4 years of retail experience and over 15+ years of coaching, mentoring and training, coming from a background in Strategic Planning, Finance and Business Risk, I.T., Stock and Production Planning, Logistics, Customer Services, Human Resources, Merchandising, Retail and Sport - ALL FOCUSSED ON YOU!


How will we go about that?

Ideally mentoring would take place where you function, since the location is relevant to your needs and to how you function. 

Taking you offsite would mean that you would need to associate what you have experienced in a different place to where you are going to use that experience – that would dilute the impact!

Again, we would get to the bottom of things, to the foundation and through a similar approach to coaching create a level foundation before we start building.

You seriously wouldn't put up a house without clearing the site first and making a solid foundation – it would be under stress, crack and over time fall over.
I see this happen most of the time!
"I did the xyz course"
"Did it help?"

"Well, I really enjoyed it and I learnt xyz"
"How's that working for you?"

"Well, I did make some progress but I seem to have the same problems?  What do you think, I should do?"

Get creative
Let's get the barriers out of the way, clear the site and start as soon as possible. In other words: NOW