Why do I do what I do?

One simple answer. It's fun!

It's about Ah-ha moments.

For me, working with clients or teaching is a profound privilege! People trust you with part of their very being. It is precious and needs special care and attention.

That trust is one of the highest compliments that I ever receive.

Shifting emotional states and energising people is my joy.

It seems to me that the answer always exists in laughter.

Whatever the tool, be it NLP or IEMT, I know when change is happening as soon as I see that first tear of relief of even better the beginnings of a beautiful smile.

I describe this in a blog post that I wrote in August 2013, entitled Something and Nothing:


Want the ability just to be?  Get the ability just to be.
Want the freedom not to be distracted?  Get the freedom not to be distracted.
Want the charisma to enrol others into your thoughts, plans and actions?  Have the charisma to enrol others into your thoughts, plans and actions.
Want confidence? Be confident.
Want to be unstoppable? Be unstoppable.
Want to make decisions quickly and be slow to change them?  Make decisions quickly and slow to change them.
Want to be: committed, satisfied, happy, content?  Be: committed, satisfied, happy, content.
Want to feel good, no matter what?  Feel good, no matter what!
Just choose and it happens!

Let me show you how. It really is simple to do. It is not difficult

I really hope that I get a chance to work with you and the fun that we can create together.