AyPee with his Mentor hat on

AyPee the Coach

As your coach, what will you get?

  • You will get unstuck
  • You will get clarity
  • You will put your assumptions, values and beliefs to work for you
  • You will understand how your behaviours are working.
  • You will put your memories and your life story (your past) towork for you.
  • You will find out what is going on unconsciously with you.
  • You will adjust your habitual processes.
  • You will elicit your desires.
  • You will get you creative

....... and, we will design workable strategies together.

How will we go about that?
Part of my coaching style is to ensure that the client takes responsibility in the form of action that they feel good about. If I were an athletics coach, you would be running around the track while I watched. I would stop you occasionally and ask you to make fine adjustments and ask you to start running again, I would give you exercises to do and establish warm up and cool down routines.  As a coach, it is my job to observe and advise, give you exercises to do and establish routines with you - no different than being an athletic coach.

There is nothing to fix.
Just some observing and adjustment.
Nothing is broken, so nothing needs fixing.
Just some adjustment and development of skill sets.

Firstly, we need to increase your observational skills and get you present to your behavioural habits and then make adjustments to optimise your performance.

I will spend 4 hours with you to:

  • give you a model that explains where you are and how you are workingrobotically
  • to show how memories become distorted
  • to reduce the impact of memories that are not working for you
  • to elicit your unconscious perceptions in greater detail
  • to elicit what your habits are and how they run you to adjust habits and perceptions
  • to help you create strategies for running your life
  • to elicit your desires

The 4 hour session, which will be very educational as well as functional.  There will be breaks if for no other reason that I want you to distil what you are experiencing and manifest something from it and most importantly understand your needs and habits. In other words what is it that drives you. When that is established we would use that drive in an altered way to help you. You should set aside a day for this and it should ccur in a place that is not in our normal day to day life.