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I Died...and it's all good

Conversation on Facebook with my friend Jacket Backman.

It is amazing what you find out about people through Social Networking
206847_10150157262617607_7389010_nArthur Partridge seems I'll be meeting that goal date!! Book design complete, uploading files now. And for all of you curious to hear more here's the copy from the back of the book:

"8 years ago I died. I was home when it happened, recovering from a fairly standard medical procedure, one that had gone very wrong.
From the onset of the massive bleeding, to making my own 911 call, I share my horrifying and bloody wait for the paramedics to arrive and what it was like leaving my young sons behind while I made the trip to the hospital. Learn how I lost my battle with consciousness and emerged into the most outstanding, magnificently, unconditionally loving experience of my life.

Journey with me as I share with you a place far beyond your imagination. I take you each step of the way all the while so acutely aware of my connection with our source. I share with you some of the insights and understanding I gained about our human condition and our purpose beyond.

And finally I describe my experience of being given the option of whether I will return to my body or remain in the afterlife, because even in dying it seems, we still have choices to make..."

I'm doing a book launch August 2nd in Malta and getting all the pieces together to make it happen on time has been character building... I'm close, very, very close.

What stories can you tell of great people you meet on line?

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